Product Details

• 26’’ length
• 5’’ wide
• 8.5’’ tall
• 2 weapon supports
• 2.25’’ inside support width
• 5 areas of movement
• 1 rear adjuster
• 1 lower elevation adjuster
• 2 knobs for weapon size adjustment
• ARS1 – 4.8 lbs. weight
• Weapons used (rifle / crossbow)
• Max weight of weapon use 8 lbs.


General Information

Design is based on it clamping to a solid structure type wall of a hunting blind. There are 3 areas of micro adjustment and 5 areas of movement. This makes the ARS1 an ideal weapon support for the disadvantage.

Product Information

The ARS1 is able to clamp to an old style hunting blind and also a more modern style hunting blind that has a solid wall with no shelf below. When the ARS1 is clamped to the window, the lower adjustment is designed to adjust up or down in order to elevate the weapon to a desired height. The butt stock adjuster will give the shooter a micro-adjustment in order to achieve and zero in on the target. The two weapon supports are designed to work with the weapon as it goes from side to side. The front support turns as the shooter moves the ARS1 side to side. The back support is stationary and only goes up or down, and forward or backward in order to fit the weapons buttstock.

Manufacture Information

The product metal & structure is made from cold rolled steel. The products color is Black Tactical & painted with Cerakote. The device supports are made of aluminum & are coated with the anodized process. The device supports are rubber coated with a mil-spec process. The hardware parts are purchased and provided from local USA companies.

Additional information

Weight 4.8 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 5 × 8.5 in