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Hunting Rifles Support Supplies and Hats Online

Established in 2020, Tag Hunting, LLC is a hunting store where you can find the best-American made hunting rifle supports and accessories. We specialize in selling adjustable rifle supports that attach to a solid hunting blind window or wall . The ARS (adjustable rifle support) product can be one of the essential hunting products for the everyday hunter, the elderly, young hunters, handicapped & others. Connect online now.

My Story

When I was young, my family spent a lot of time camping, hiking, shooting, and being outdoors together. My father used to take us to the woods to teach us target shooting. A few years later, after discovering hunting and trapping with friends, we started going out for duck, turkey, and dove hunts, and it was so much fun. Around 1998, I started deer hunting.


Hunting Journey with My Daughter

I have two daughters and one has a natural love of the outdoors.  She started hunting with me at a young age, but I knew she was too young to hunt with a rifle.  She and I were excited for her to shoot her first animal, but realized that the rifle was too heavy to hold and shoot. So I decided to look for rifle support to make it easier for her to hold it. Later I discovered that there wasn’t rifle support attached to a window blind anywhere in the market.

Starting the Rifle Support Business

In 2012, I started working on rifle support to help the girl. After I made her one, she shot her first buck using it!

After using the product for many years, I decided to have it patented, designed, produced, and made available for other hunters. Hunting in a solid structure blind using the ARS could never be easier, and I hope it assists hunters of all levels.

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Mission & Vision

Tag Hunting, LLC is based on honesty, dependability, and precision. I always put the customer first and have taken our passion for hunting and precision shooting to create quality hunting products for them.

Adjustable Rifle Support

ARS's name comes from its patented given name, ADJUSTABLE RIFLE SUPPORT. Here’s more information about them:

ARS-1 & ARS-2 Advantages

  • Hands-free support for convenience and aiming accuracy.
  • Great for disadvantaged shooters, youth, elders, handicapped, etc..
  • Custom adjusts to suit multiple rifles and crossbows.
  • Easy adjustments for hand turns; no tool necessary.
  • Durable structure is slim & light-weight for easy use & transport.
  • Compatible for both left and right-hand shooters.
  • Eliminates optics quiver and scope bounce.
  • The ARS gives the shooter more legroom in the hunting blind.
  • Designed for hunting blinds built with a solid structure.
  • When not in use, easily swings out of shooting range and back when ready to shoot.
  • Product is constructed of steel and is very durable.
  • Allows the shooter to eliminate eye fatigue and strain.

Both the products above have unique patented micro-adjustments that allow the hunters to set up their weapon in a shooting position in a hunting blind. Then, when they are ready to use the weapon, they can make micro-adjustments to zero on their target. Check out the user manual if you need more information on how to use it.

ARS 1 & 2 Safety

  • The ARS is not designed to use weapons heavier than 8Ibs.
  • Does not work in plastic, cloth, or thin style hunting blinds.
  • The ARS vertical has a minimum use of an 8.5’’ window.
  • The ARS horizontal cannot be used with extensions exceeding the 18” total length.
  • Shotguns or automatic rifles are not to be used.
  • When not in use, always KEEP THE WEAPON IN SAFETY.
  • Read all instructions in their entirety before using this product. Failure to follow all warnings could result in property damage, injury, or even death.
  • Always follow basic gun safety rules while using the product.
  • This product is intended for use by adults or under the strict supervision of an adult.
  • Hold the gun or another weapon securely with both hands and keep contact between the rear of the stock and shoulder at all times while aiming and firing.