Product Details

• 26’’ length
• 8.5’’ min window use
• 12’’ max window use
• 2 weapon supports
• 2.25’’ in support width
• 5’’ support use
• 6 moveable areas
• 1 main front adjuster
• 1 elevation adjuster
• Weapon used (rifle only)
• Max weight of weapon 8lbs


General Information

Design is based on it wedging between 2 opposing walls (which forms a clamp), either it being vertically or horizontally. The ARS-2 was designed after using the ARS-1 in several hunting blinds. We found out at that time that 50% of the current hunting blinds being used had a shelf below the window. This made us rethink on how the ARS-2 could be used to enable the disadvantaged hunters. The design of the ARS-2 will keep the weapon supports above the shelves and low to the window.
The design of the ARS-2 is based on the front main support has coupled to the ends of the main body. When the main body extends out and adjust out. This will then wedge between two opposing walls. This then becomes its first means of pivoting. The main 26’’ tube will attach to this body with the second pivot. The main 26’’ tube will have two weapon supports so the hunter can use a rifle. The main body will have an adjuster from the body to the 26’’ tube. This will to allow the shooter to freely direct the weapon in position, and then use the micro-adjustment on the weapon. Manufacture Information

The product metal & structure is made from cold rolled steel. The product color in black tactical cerakote paint. The device supports are made of aluminum & are coated with the anodized process. The device supports are rubber coated with a mil-spec process. The hardware parts are purchased and provided from local USA companies.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 8.5 × 12 in